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182                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

Your expectations of the emancipation of Italy
will soon be realised, for the first blow is given.
The French have routed the Papal troops at
Faenza, and are marching along the coast to
Ancona. The Pope has probably gone to Porto

Harry has enjoined me so severely to attend
the playhouses that, in obedience to the governor,
I have begun my cours de theatre by that of La
R6publique. It was Robert chef de Brigands, a tragic
comedy (no comedy in it), directed chiefly to
inspire a detestation of the game laws. I did not
like it, et puis je m'ennuie au spectacle.

I send you an almanac of the last Republican
year ending in September, and a list of all who
were guillotined—not accurate, for they have left
out le gros Laborde1; also the paper with details
of the Italian business. In a preceding one
Bonaparte exhorts the Cispadane Republic to make
religion the basis of the new constitution, and
that religion the Roman Catholic one.

There are daily published a hundred and six

The two horses by Bouchardon, from before
the palace of Marly, now stand in the Place de

i The list alluded to in a former note.